Lafayette is a small semi-rural city located between Orinda and Walnut Creek. Lafayette is noted for its high quality of life with a quaint downtown area, excellent schools, mild climate and oak tree-studded hills. The city was incorporated in 1968 and holds a population of 26,700 on its 15 square miles. The scenic Lafayette Reservoir, encompasses 550-acres of undisturbed oak woodlands and is located just a half mile from downtown. The Reservoir is a popular destination for hiking, biking, jogging, boating, picnicking, and live concerts. Lafayette also has its own Bay Area Rapid Transit station (BART), which is only a 25-minute BART ride to San Francisco. In addition to its beautiful scenery and emphasis on education, cultural programming is another asset. Opened in 2003, the Lafayette Library and Learning Center hosts numerous cultural events and educational programs for the community. The Town Hall Theatre Company is a community organization featuring theatrical performances as well as performing arts education.